US Department of Health and Human Services

  • Arlington, TX, USA
May 28, 2022
US Department of Health and Human Services Atlanta, GA, USA
DutiesAs a Information Technology Specialist you will: Perform fact-finding, design, software surveys, and/or cost/ benefit analyses for new or modified computer applications resulting in the design or modification of systems. Evaluate vendor-developed software available off-the-shelf for defined system and subject matter applications. Evaluate software already in use to evaluate the merits relative to meeting the organization's needs. Provides technical guidance to and works with user representatives on their formulation of requirements for a proposed application. Develop design strategy for a major system, anticipating changing workloads and program directions. Develop timetables and coordination controls to ensure the integrity of the system design and the phases of its implementation. Develop recommendations to change system requirements to meet the needs of multiple users and/or alternatives for consideration when problems arise. Develop applications programs for a variety of...
May 22, 2022
US Department of Health and Human Services Phoenix, AZ, USA
Duties Delivers comprehensive nursing care specific to the age of the patient (adult, geriatric, pediatric, neonate) undergoing a wide variety of surgical procedures, ranging from simple to complex in nature, under both controlled and stressful situations. Recognizes and responds appropriately to patient conditions that deviate from normal and identifies, analyzes and reports on causative factors and reactions. Documents care provided according to professional standards and hospital policy and assesses the effectiveness of care delivered through a post-operative audit process; modifies care practices based on evaluation results. Administers therapeutic measures as prescribed by the physician to include, but not limited to, medication administration, intravenous fluids, and blood transfusions. Operates and monitors specialized equipment such as ventilators, cardiac monitors, arterial lines, central venous and Swan-Ganz pressure lines, fiber optic laryngoscope, auto transfusion units...