Cyber Engineer/Architect Chief

  • Engility Holdings
  • 501 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
  • Nov 09, 2020
[Information Technology]

Job Description

Description SAIC is seekingcandidates to support United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), includingContinuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) with a focus onsurvivability, interoperability, reliability, cybersecurity, maintenance, and maintenanceupgrades. The successful candidate will be part of the SAIC team, incorporatingagile development and operations methodologies and best practices throughrepeatable agile approach to capabilities assessments and modeling systems in acost-effective way to explore and document requirements, systemcharacteristics, and capabilities to address reliability, maintainability,quality, supportability, interoperability, and both organizational andtechnical requirements.The candidate for thisposition provides technical analysis and capabilities solutions to a wide rangeof difficult problems where analysis of data requires evaluation ofidentifiable factors through imaginative, thorough, and practicable solutions,consistent with organization objectives.Cyber Engineer/ArchitectSenior Principle:The candidate selected will work with ateam of experts to conduct analysis and evaluations of complex data used by the customer and define new visualization tools, which will allow human analysts to decision makers to easily discern both patterns and anomalies.The following tasks are milestones to achieve:Develop a program Plan (including as Test Plan) that provides additional detail on each of the proposed approaches outlined above.Perform a thorough analysis of the available data, detail the data formats that the proposed visualization model will ingest. Indicate the availability and sensitivity of this data, and any other potential limitations that might prevent its use in this project. Identify data certification methods and recommend improvements to the CIANA model (confidentiality, integrity, availability, non-repudiation, and authentication).Build a fully integrated perceptual analysis framework and test this framework against a dataset selected in collaboration with the project sponsor. The purpose of this deliverable is to show how and overarching model might work with unclassified datasets against a surrogate problem.Develop and test an operational prototype perceptualization framework designed to meet the sponsor's requirements. This test will be designed to test sponsor provided data on an unclassified network to demonstrate how the fully integrated system would work in practice.Develop a transition plan that will enable the capability to be tested, certified, sustained and maintained by the sponsor of by the program office that the sponsor chooses. Detail how the capability will be updated as new versions of the capability become available. Detail the process by which the upgrades and systems improvements will be certified to work on DoD networks.Evaluate and provide comparative analysis on possible capability used elsewhere in the Government that meets sponsor requirements and objectives. Performer shall work with the Service Laboratories(e.g. AFRL, ARL and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for capabilities in late stages of development and identify remaining requirements to evolve capability into production ready tools.Expert Knowledge highly desirable:Non-traditional cybersecurity methods Asymmetric WarfareCybersecurity policyBackground in NC3Cyber and IT requirementsInter-agency cyber testing and implementationCOCOM-level cyber experienceEnterprise architecturesAddition experience in Research highly desired:Domain specific research scientist.As needed specialized knowledge and experience in risk analysis, requirements and solution analysis, modeling, CONOPs development, alternatives identification, interoperability and performance risks, survivability risks, interoperability risks, and mitigation through technology.Experience in mapping capabilities for risk reduction models/formulas. Expert in research and analysis techniques and assessments.Provides industry-leading Technical, USSTRATCOM, and Nuclear Domain expertise as part-time SMEs delivered from our Innovation Factory when the need arrives. Will support the additional operational and technical insights and analysis throughout the assessment, including supporting workshops, requirements and solution analysis, modeling, and CONOPs development, to ensure continuous exploration of operational requirements and how they can be linked to technical requirements.Evaluates and provides recommended solution sets for future capabilities necessary to protect system and software solutioncapabilities to address reliability, maintainability, quality, supportability, interoperability, and both organizational and technical requirements.Provides in depth Research experience and expertise with focus on future software capabilities throughout the range of the OSI model to include assessing optimization, vulnerability, validation and prototyping, including addressing uncertainty, alternatives analysis, metric development, CONOPs analysis, model analysis, and simulation.Qualifications PhD, with 15 years or a Master's Degree with 20or more years' experience