Lead Developer/Technical Field General

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  • 60 Lispenard St, New York, NY 10013, USA
  • Nov 09, 2020
[Information Technology]

Job Description

We are a "first of its kind" platform dreamed up by a couple of rabid live event fanatics to help fans like ourselves get to more of the events they love by swapping their tickets with other fans instead of scouring the "wild, wild, west" of the interwebs to find someone who is willing to take them off of their hands. It's our humble beginnings (having originally started from a coffee table in an NYU dorm room) and our passion for live events and building things for our fellow crazy, irrational, "stand outside for three hours in the driving snow" fans that sets us apart from other companies. People can say what they want about us but one thing they can't say is that we are disingenuous because we truly believe that we are taking up the proverbial mantel for the unwashed masses who understand the most important part about buying event tickets in the first place is "being there." When searching for another person to round out our ever-growing team, we strive to bring on like-minded individuals who are as crazy as we are and more importantly, who exhibit the passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to the power of ideas; and who believe that one idea can shake up an oligarchic marketplace and make people rethink the status quo. Oh and if that isn't enough, we also go to a ton of concerts, games, and other awesome events. Heck, you might even have a drunken run-in with a certain All-Pro NFL Kick Returner who then offers you free Super Bowl Tickets (inquire within for the full story). Job Description The web's premier ticket trading destination is looking to add another member to our ranks. We're specifically looking to add a versatile developer who has "cut his teeth" in web development but has experience working in all sorts of stacks, and has a natural knack for project management to provide some technical leadership to our ragtag group. Aside from someone that's technically competent/talented, we're looking for someone who (put quite simply) "Gets it". What that means specifically is someone, who at their essence is a fan of something (sports, music, theatre, live events, etc) and has that same "burning fire" for something that makes them do things that others would call crazy but is also unapologetic about it and wears that passion on his or her sleeve. We are looking for someone who doesn't think that those last two sentences are the stuff of whimsy but someone who believes that passion, creativity, and belief in the power of an idea can completely upend an oligarchic marketplace and who has what it takes to turn that crazy passing fancy and will it into reality. Although this may sound over the top, it couldn't be more sincere because our mission is one, that at its essence, stems from a connection to something bigger than ourselves: lifelong memories borne from being a part of the unwashed masses that call the arena, the stadium, or a tent on a Tennessee farm their home. It is our genuine love of live events and our belief that the most important part of any event is "being there" that drives us in our mission to get more fans like ourselves to more of the events they love even when life gets in the way and is what drives everything we do as a company. Rhetoric aside, we're just looking for someone who knows where we're coming from on a fundamental level as fans. If you understand how much it sucks to miss out on the events you love without anything to show for it; if you've watched your team's season go up in flames only to be holding fistfuls of tickets that nobody wants any more; and if you're tired of paying all of these vague and sketchy fees any time you want to see your favorite band, team, or performer; then talk to us. If you think you fit the description and want to take this proverbial "leap" with us or just have questions, feel free to shoot us an email at dan AT and tell us what moves you. Qualifications Experience in leading small development teams, a track record of shipping products on time and meeting deadlines, versatility across stacks with a strong background in web development (Specifically PHP/LAMP Stacks), and a "Take no prisoners"/"Damn the torpedoes" attitude when it comes to redefining what others might consider to be impossible. Additional Information All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.
Associated topics: application, back end, c c++, devops, java, perl, php, programming, software development engineer, software engineer