Senior Project Manager

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  • 532-C, N Regional Rd, Greensboro, NC 27409, USA
  • Nov 09, 2020

Job Description


Candidates should have a degree in construction management, civil engineering, or a related field, ten or more years of experience in the construction industry, and have a passion for team-based planning and problem-solving and wholehearted commitment to building strong partnerships to support project goals. Candidates with experience inhighereducation or healthcare marketsare preferred.

As a leader for the construction project team, responsibilities will include allocating project resources, establishing subcontract agreements, and executing contractual risk protections while creating a positive safety climate. This person will be responsible for planning and delivering projects, developing budgets hands-on, and providing leadership to the construction project team.

Effective performance of the senior project manager rote requires timely, accurate, and consistent completion of the following tasks. Senior project managers are expected to proactively seek coaching and corrective feedback regorcfing expectations and performance improvement needs in these bosic functions The supervising project director should provide clarification of expectations and corrective feedback for any improvement needs identified in the senior project manager's work Repeated or ongoing performance improvement needs should be addressed with a specific improvement plan.

Assess Customer Service Needs and Expectations

From beginning of contract through project warranty period, maintain contact with client to understand construction leadership needs, facility maintenance needs, and other business needs that may have facility-related Coordinate development and delivery of project planning services (e.g., estimating, scheduling. value engineering. reporting) with the project planning leader. Establish and clarify project-specific goals related to safety, accounting, labor relations, EEO, and data Clarify quality standards, expectations, and priorities as presented in the design documents, demonstrated in mockups, and expressed through punchlist evaluations of work-in-place. Clarify close-out and building turnover requirements and establish close-out goals and processes to meet those

Ensure Delivery of Contractual Services

Oversee timely and accurate processing of all project information documents relating to the contract, bulletins, field work orders, and change orders, and require formal authorization prior to proceeding in the field. Partner with Architect to coordinate delivery of design packages with schedules for estimating, bidding, and Continually assess consistency of construction schedule and work progress against contractual delivery Compare assessment of client needs to contractual obligations and delivery of project professional management services bytheteam and all contracted trades, vendors, consultants, and suppliers to ensure that proper service is provided to the client. Oversee final payment authorization and collection of final payment.

Allocate Project Resources

Define project goals and priorities that establish resource allocation Determine project staffing requirements necessary,to successfully accomplish project, develop project staffing plan, and establish work plan and schedules for each project phase. Establish work and authority scopes for all project team members and communicate expectations and responsibilities related to individual roles.

Establish Subcontract Agreements

Establish work scopes for all trade contractors and communicate expectations and responsibilities related to project planning, coordination with other trades, safety, and proactive definition of work quality. Clarify expectations and performance requirements in both written project documents and through presentations and discussions at pre-bid conferences, post-bid meetings, pre-installation meetings, and other interactions. Procure and manage services of all relevant quality testing agencies. From the beginning of the project, establish contract and project close-out requirements to ensure efficient and complete turnover of the facility with all contractual obligations

Execute Contractual Risk Protections

Determine Builder's Risk Insurance approach for the project and ensure required coverage amounts and dates. Oversee billing process, receivables, and collection of waivers, ensuring implementation of procedures established in

Create Positive Safety Climate

Understand interface of construction activities and schedule with client's existing operations and Coordinate team leadership, emphasizing safety as the top priority on the project requiring constant attention of
all workers to eliminating and mitigating hazardous conditions on the site and preventing hazardous actions. Discuss hazard protection and accident prevention at every job progress Model safety awareness and planning at all times. Observe safety practices on site and promptly address any unsafe
situations or behaviors, reporting violations and coordinating corrective actions to the project superintendent. Coordinate safety initiatives and programs and all trade contractors on site. Require accurate and complete reports from staff and involved trade contractors following any incident or accident.

Comply with All Applicable Regulations

Identify and procure necessary permits timed to cover construction schedule needs.

Partner with governing authorities responsible for inspections and approvals to proactively understand requirements and potential concerns, and develop plans to fulfill or exceed standards. Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations issued by OSHA. EPA and other federal, state, and local regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over

Lead Trade Contractor Relations

Establish and maintain positive relationships with both union and nonunion trade contractors. When required, implement dual gate systems according toMI AGC Dual GateHandbookor relevant state guidelines.

Communicate Project Status

Coordinate information access and sharing across project team members to keep all team members informed of current project status. Compile and analyze project financial information and expenditures to evaluate effective use of available funds over the course of the project, and prepare formal evaluations internally and externally every month. Facilitate discussions among project team members regarding planning, coordination, and quality and schedule requirements for project activities.

Establish Foundation for Lasting Relationships

When conflicts and disputes arise during the course of the project, focus all parties on developing mutually acceptable solutions aligned with the contractual agreements. Compile fair and honest report of the project team's experience with each trade contractor using the trade contractor evaluation survey.

Promote Professional Development

Establish an environment that supports questions and learning in the context of the project goals and schedule. For all project team members, promote development of knowledge base, leadership skills, and partnership by modeling effective performance, encouraging discussion and debate over solutions and approaches, connecting project team members with learning opportunities and other team members who could serve as mentors, and prompting team members to recognize challenges early and plan ahead for important project Provide motivational and constructive feedback to team members regarding the impact of their efforts on the project's success, impressions being created with other team members, and contributions to the quality of relationships being developed within the team.

Best suited candidates will possess the following characteristics:

Bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction management, or a related field. Ten years or more of construction project leadership experience. Successful completion of classes or other training or experience in construction management, project management, safety, communication, and ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding. Demonstrated success in project management positions requiring professionalism and integrity.


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