Front-end Engineer

  • 60 Lispenard St, New York, NY 10013, USA
  • Nov 09, 2020
[Information Technology]

Job Description

Job Description

This is a position for a front-end developer. Your job will be to both DESIGN, DEVELOP, TEST and SUPERVISE a team of remote developers to create both front-end and back-end using the Django framework, HTML and CSS. Your role will be critical and the success of our MVP will depend on you.


Machine Learning is nothing without data and human interactions. Interactions happen through front-end interfaces. The truth is: an interface can make or break a machine learning system. To collect data and train machine learning systems, we need high quality interfaces for both: human annotators and end-users. To build next-generation systems that can learn and be taught requires building next-generation interfaces to make this happen. Are you a front-end developer who is interested in machine learning? Machine learning knowledge is not required, but you will certainly pick it up by working with us.


At LAER AI, we are bringing state-of-the-art AI technology to real-world problems in the enterprise world. Whether you have experience in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing or not, you will pick it up by working closely with a group of PhDs in these fields. Your task will be to implement real-world solutions, and learn a lot in the process!

  1. work closely with Machine Learning scientists/researchers

  2. implement web-based front-end/back-end interfaces with DJANGO

  3. work with the team to implement overall system architecture

  4. write automatic tests

  5. work closely with annotators, testers to ensure that your interfaces are easy to use

  6. work closely with and supervise a team of remote developers and testers

  1. Beautiful office space in downtown Manhattan.

  2. Zero-premium health-insurance.

  3. First or Second Employee status

  4. Salary and Equity package

Company Description

We are an early stage startup currently operating in "stealth mode". We are driven by a singular vision of radically transforming the experience of search and helping organizations find meaning and patterns hidden behind volumes of disparate and unstructured data.
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