Project Manager / Business Analyst - Experienced in JIRA

  • Viva USA
  • Columbia, SC, USA
  • Nov 09, 2020

Job Description

Job Description
The Project Manager creates parameters for improvement and ensures that these are met; they monitor success across various departments and in every interaction with a client. This involves maintaining and tracking a database of clients, then preparing a comprehensive report. In addition, they help other departments, such as marketing and sales, to market and advertise. They manage internal and external communication and account management. It is their responsibility to manage the scope and development of each project and ensure strict deadlines, as well as to track company growth and improvement, as they build strong relationships with clients, here at 1Stopbedrooms.
The Project Managers day to day work varies, but some required tasks include:
* Develop, analyze, and implement business strategies
* Create client reports and evaluate them
* Schedule and monitor projects in terms of progress, development, and timely completion
* Utilize report analysis to determine areas for improvement
* Evaluate team performance to ensure each business target and deadline is met
* Set up meetings with sales, marketing, and clients
* Monitor interactions with clients, and send them progress reports
1Stopbedrooms needs a Project Manager who is deeply dedicated, diligent , organized, and passionate about what they do, with a focus on building a strong team and prioritizing the needs of each client. We need a Project Managerwho seeks to make a difference at 1StopBedrooms. Join us and become a part of a thriving team. Apply today.
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